Using the Think Dirty App to Help You Live a Cleaner Life

I first became interested in the ingredients in my everyday products when I learned about the concentrations of toxins in breast milk. However, my interest in decreasing my use of products with toxic ingredients PEAKED when I was pregnant with my daughter.

No one ever really thinks of breast milk as having “bad ingredients” or being “contaminated” – heck I didn’t either. But while in nursing school, I learned that there are actually trace levels and concentrations of toxic chemicals – some of which have even been banned from use (and MANY toxins that have not been banned). These mainly are present because of environmental exposure to the mother that is passed to the child.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all or in any way saying that breast milk is poisonous or that it breast feeding is bad, or trying to deter you from breast feeding your child (I breast fed my daughter and intend on doing so with my son). There is an exuberant amount of research and literature that supports the fact that breast milk is THE BEST nutrition that you can provide for your child, especially in the first 6 months of their lives.

SO on that point moving forward I decided that I would at least TRY to decrease my own “optional” exposure to toxic chemicals in the items I chose to buy. Hopefully in doing so I would create a cleaner and more pure environment for my children and generations to come.

3 Ways to Use Think Dirty App to Live a Cleaner Life

This goes without saying that you must first download the app.

Once you download the App and log in, you can start scanning products.

A LOT of products can be found on the app – but not ALL products currently available for use and purchase can be found on the database.

If you scan a product and find that is not yet listed on the app you can submit it so that the developers can add said product. The submission process is quick and easy usually requiring product name, and a picture of the front and back of the product packaging.

After scanning the item at hand you will be provided with a “clean/dirty” scale that is a 0-10 numerical scale also with associated colors, green being clean and dark red being super dirty and bad.

Another fantastic feature is that the app will list the chemicals by name that are found in the product’s ingredient list and give each chemical a number and associated color to help you determine and understand why they are toxic ingredients.

But if you’re like me – numbers and colors are great and all – but I need to know the actual diseases and adverse symptoms that are caused with each chemical. This app will list that information for you, so the guessing game is out of the picture.

Start using the app by…

#1. Complete The “Bathroom Shelf Challenge”

This App, like all apps, can be a little overwhelming at first. Really it is a great resource with TONS of information, so it can be hard to know where to start.

Luckily there is the Bathroom Shelf Challenge in which you start in your bathroom and scan all the items you know and LOVE to use. These are usually products that you’ll find yourself using on a daily basis and sometimes even multiple times a day.

So just head on into that glorious and usually safe place of yours, your bathroom, and start scanning.

I did this task almost blissfully at first. Until I saw that most of my bathroom products rated as “Dirty.” Even my super fancy and very beautifully scented lady parts soap had ingredients in it that were possible carcinogens that could also lead to possible organ system toxicity.

I mean lemme take a moment here..

I could possibly increase my risk of cancer if I continue to use this product?! I mean I know it didn’t say WILL CAUSE CANCER but I also don’t want to play “Russian roulette” with my long-term health and wellbeing.

This app was able to provide me with alternative products that had a lower number rating on the toxicity scale and greener/cleaner reviews.

Which leads me to my next point…

#2. Use Think Dirty to Find and Try Alternative Products that are Cleaner and Healthier for You

So I love this part A LOT because it takes the foot work out of finding new products to use that won’t cause cancer. Aka new lady parts soap (currently love the Honey Pot product that I found at Target).

I’m not going to lie, I threw out sooooo many items from my bathroom the second I scanned them and saw a red dirty rating. So I was in desperate NEED of finding a healthy and safer way to stay so fresh and so clean clean.

You can either search for cleaner product choices by clicking on your scanned “dirty” product and seeing alternative clean and healthy products OR you can search for alternative non-toxic products by category.

The app also offers a monthly gift box option for you to try new products that way.

Unfortunately, like I previously mentioned, not ALL products EVER are listed on the Think Dirty databases. So it is important to look at what toxic ingredients are present in the products that you want to avoid buying in order to replace the huge amount of purged items you just decided to say “HELL NO CANCER!” to.

Which brings me to point number 3…

#3. Learn How to Recognize Dirty Chemicals by Using Think Dirty App

Because the Think Dirty App not only lists product ingredients from dirty to clean, but it also rates the ingredients by number and color scale, it becomes easier for you to recognize a toxic ingredient when you see one.

“Fragrance” for example, is a widely used ingredient in most any cleansing, house cleaning, and really any bathroom product you can think of. However, this ingredient is so vague that it can encompass anywhere from 1 to 3,000 different chemicals that can be and have been associated with increasing your chances of developing CANCER (I can literally hear the click of a revolver playing Russian Roulette when I read this on the product ingredient list).

I’d much rather NOT risk my health and the health of my family members by introducing chemicals into my house that pose this threat.

By using Apps such as the Think Dirty App I am able to make better and more educated decisions as a consumer, which in turn helps to keep my family safe.

What are some Apps and methods you use to keep your house clean without introducing more toxic chemicals into your family’s environment?

What are your favorite “clean” and non-toxic products?

leave a comment below and let me know!

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