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Spaghetti! Chocolate Milk! Fruit Punch! Blue Jell-o!

You name it, Norah (my 2 year old) has managed to spill it all over herself, in such a way that it is almost as if she rolled in these sticky messes.

These few named substances are of the super sticky and stubborn, permanent staining variety. I know I have met my toddlers dirty clothes and cutest of all outfits with frustration on laundry day, too many times to count.

At long last I decided to fight back in the stain war and get rid of cute clothes NO MORE! 🙂 but really, all jokes aside I know I’m not a lone wolf mom on this and that plenty of us have found clothes to be ruined after just one day of wear.

Well get rid of those “stain ruined outfits” no more as they will see another day with my SUPER EASY STAIN REMOVAL method!

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STEP 1: Spray Stained Clothing With My Secret Weapon

My super stain removal secret weapon of choice is none other than a spray bottle of Oxi Clean Max Force.

And I’ve actually only bought one bottle of this! I have chosen to buy the detergent version to refill the spray bottle.

I usually fill the spray bottle with 2/3 detergent and 1/3 hot water, shake it up real well and viola I have more stain spray for a fraction of the cost and less plastic waste.

On laundry day I start by “right-side-outing” my daughters shirts and inspecting for stains 1 by 1. As I lay the shirt out I will go ahead and spray the stain and tap the detergent into the stain to help it settle in and start stain-fighting warfare.

Once I’ve gone through her clothing piece by piece I go ahead and fill the tub with warm to hot water. At some point I plan to use a laundry room sink in my dream laundry room, right now our washer/dryer is located in the shed (plan to see our DIY Laundry Room Makeover in the future!)

My daughters clothes soak in the warm water until the water is no longer warm. Then I wring the excess water out of the clothes and move them on over to the washer machine.

STEP 3: Wash Clothes on Tap Cold Setting in Washing Machine

When I remove the clothes from their warm water soak they still have the stains that I sprayed remover onto at this point. But NOT TO WORRY, they will come clean once laundered in the washing machine.

I just use tap cold water setting on my washing machine (my go to setting for money saving and the impact on the environment) and I add our usual laundry detergent.

I’m so glad to have been able to find a way to have my daughter’s clothing last just a little longer. Or at the very least to have not been faced with getting rid of a cute outfit after being warn to spaghetti night. These clothes live to see another day, and most of them go on to live a life with my beautiful God Daughter.

What are your tips and tricks to removing those stubborn stains from your child’s clothing? I’m also currently looking for the best way to remove stains from my husbands Columbia shirts… feel free to share in the comments below!

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